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Corporate Wellness

A therapist providing hands-on therapy to a client during a session

At L'ANATOMIE, we understand that wellness is an integral part of corporate lifestyle. With our Corporate Wellness program, we provide companies with a holistic approach to promote health and wellness in the workplace.

Why is wellness important in corporate?

  • Corporate wellness programs have been shown to improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, and enhance employee morale. In addition, employees who participate in wellness programs report higher job satisfaction, better work-life balance, and a greater sense of engagement.
  • 67% of employees who work for organizations with wellness programs report greater job satisfaction. Additionally, employees who participate in wellness programs are just as likely to recommend their company to others,
  • According to studies, engaged employees can reduce absenteeism by up to 37%, lower employee turnover by up to 65%, increase customer satisfaction by 10%, boost productivity by 21%, and improve profitability by 22%.
  • Our Corporate Wellness program is designed to provide employees with a range of therapeutic services that promote overall health and wellbeing.
  • Planning for the health and wellbeing of your employees is a win-win situation. Your employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive, and your company will benefit from a more focused and engaged workforce.