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A physical therapist performing passive stretching technique on a woman

Our Goal

We are the pioneers in launching India’s first ever Stretch Therapy program. Having worked with various Orthopedicians, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists across the board, we continue to collaborate with the best! What’s more? We are medically backed and proven.

Our internationally experienced & certified therapists and consultants will guide you every step of the way, helping you achieve your desired results through education and hands-on stretching.

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Meet Our Founder

Image of L'anatomie's founder, Chirayu. He is a certified therapist with years of experience.

Chirayu Navalkar


L'ANATOMIE's founder, Chirayu, is a certified therapist with years of experience in yoga, stretching, and weight training. He incorporates concepts from advanced exercise science, yoga, and ayurveda to establish wellness goals that are unique to each person. After understanding (and feeling!) how a sedentary lifestyle may cause tight muscles and stress, he began to appreciate stretching. His main goal is to use stretch therapy to assist people live flexible, pain-free lives.

After having lived on three different continents—the Americas, Europe, and Asia—he saw the market's need for complementary medicine and a holistic approach to healthcare. Chirayu established L'ANATOMIE in order to close the gap between Western and Eastern medicine.

Meet Our Therapists

Image of Ajay, our senior Therapist


Ajay has over 12 years of experience across not just nationally, but also internationally. Being a Rishikesh native, his foundation in Yoga Therapy st

Image of Prem Singh, our experienced Therapist

Prem Singh

Prem Singh has over 10 years of experience in the field of Health and Wellness. His expertise lies in full body stretch.

Image of Bunny he has been immersed in the field of Health, Wellness, and spirituality (Buddhism)

Bunny (Bodhisen)

Bunny has been immersed in the field of Health, Wellness & Spirituality (Buddhism) from over 11 years. With good orientation of Human Anatomy, he loves working with individuals who have a goal in mind or help guide those who are figuring out. He is also a certified Thai Massage therapist.

Photograph of Sadanand, our Therapist and two-time Gold medalist in Yoga competition


A Masters in Yogic Shastra and two time Gold medalist in Yoga competition, Sadanand understands the importance of Stretches and its impact on the body. His education also displays a clear passion and required experience for Yogic Science.

Photograph of Akhilesh, our dedicated Therapist


A polite and calm personality, Akhilesh hails from Rishikesh and is our academic therapist who holds a Bachelors in Sanskrit and diploma in Yogic Sciences. He has over 5 years of experience in working closely with individuals and group sessions.

Photograph of Yogendra, our Therapist


Former professional dancer who had worked on the highest level in Bollywood, Yogendra knows how to keep the body flexible and moving. He has been trained and certified at the Yoga Institute and has over 7 years of experience in this field.

Meet Our Doctors

Photograph of Dr. Vrishti, our Physiotherapist



Young but experienced Dr Vrishti received her MSc in Specialist Physiotherapy Practise from Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom. Along with a special emphasis on dry needling and taping, she is extremely passionate about stretching and strengthening.

Photograph of Dr. Ivan, our Osteopath

Dr. Ivan


Ivan Carrasco (M.Ost) is a UK/Spain trained Osteopath, Clinical Sports & Remedial massage therapist and reiki master practitioner and teacher, earning his qualifications at the prestigious University College of Osteopathy (formerly the British School of Osteopathy), the London School of Sports Massage and Reiki Energia Vital (part of the Spanish Reiki Alliance). The ONLY Osteopath in India with International experience in treating Athletes, leading Hollywood actors and major health patients.

Photograph of Tracy, our sports physiotherapist, alongside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Sports Physiotherapist

Ex-Head Physio of Indian national Women's cricket team
Head Physio of Delhi Capitals Women's Cricket IPL team

Tracy graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and has over 17 years of experience in the world of Physiotherapy. She specialises in Sport injuries and believes in having an holistic approach towards health and wellness. Following those values, she now focuses on her very own and unique Sports rehab center in Goa - Athleap

Meet Our Team

Portrait image of Swapnil, our Head of Communication and Coordinator for booking therapy sessions


Our head of communication and co-ordination, his passion includes Film and Media. A multi-tasking expert, Swapnil is also currently working in Media broadcasting. Our main point of contact for organizing and arranging the sessions.

A therapist providing hands-on therapy to a client during a session

Learn More About Hands-On Therapy

Hands-on therapy is the art and science of treating injuries, pain, and other medical conditions with manual therapeutic techniques by a health practitioner. It is a comprehensive treatment method for various disorders related to the musculoskeletal system. It can also be used to improve flexibility of muscle, improve the motion of a joint, reduce any pain or relax a muscle group.

In hands-on therapy, your physical therapist would harness their knowledge of human anatomy while using their own hands to treat your ailments. Unlike the traditional treatment methods, hands-on therapy approaches pain or any ailment from 4 fronts all at once:

  • Psychologically
  • Biochemically
  • Neurophysiologically
  • Mechanically

What sets this treatment method apart is it is entirely done without any intervention of modern-day equipment and pathology testing from diagnosis to treatment. Its goal is to provide fast, effective treatment to relieve your musculoskeletal problems and allow you to reach your goals.

Why Choose L'ANATOMIE?

  • We are experts in Body-Aimed Therapy.
  • We provide holistic wellbeing solutions, not just treatments.
  • We are committed to excellence.
A man is having his knee examined by a physical therapist and going through Body-Aimed Therapy